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First of all, a very happy new year to everyone! Another year, another long journey to embark on. So, I made a blog. Okay... this wasn't part of my resolution or anything. I just decided 'You know what I should do? Yes, I should make a blog' and that was it. One of my new year resolution was to be spontaneous without causing harm to anyone or anything, including my bank account (that involves no late night online shopping). In fact, that should be my resolution for the remainder of my life. Spontaneity, I realize, is often encouraged to spice up your life. So here it is. Well, I guess I should introduce myself.

Name: Melina
Date of Birth: 4th September 1993 ( Same as Beyonce - That is one thing I praise myself for, coming out of my mother's womb exactly on the day Beyonce entered this world. Hallelujah!)
Place of Birth: Singapore 
Nationality: Nepali
Currently in : Oregon, USA

I have no idea what to write about myself so I'm going to stop before I spill out embarrassing secrets about myself on the web.  

See ya later! : )  

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