Trip to Seattle

12:30 AM

Hello lovelies,

            I recently got back from Seattle. I spent  slightly more than 2 weeks there and all I did was shop, not surprisingly. I did not take as many pictures as I thought I would, probably due to my excessive shopping and eating. However,  I do not regret my activities there in Seattle at all hehe. I did, however,
discover something; I am crazy about bubble tea. Be it any flavors, I'm down to gulp it down. In fact, I could write an entire novel about bubble teas but I am pretty sure no one cares about that. In short, bubble tea brings me the utmost joy, third to shopping and chocolate.

The beauty that is, Downtown Seattle

There's just something about looking at life pass by around us that gives so much peace.

May the lights always shine for you.

My love of my life
And now, I'm back to the ever so pleasant school life, dreaming about my next vacation which hopefully will come by quickly. But this is it for now. Have a great day/night!

                                                                    See ya later : )

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