Sweat It Out!

1:32 AM

Now, we can all relate when we pen down our resolutions that this year is the year we eat healthy and exercise more. I am definitely guilty of that. I can't remember the number of times I have told myself to go to the gym more and eat more healthy food. But I can't stop my obsession of donuts and pastries. Being healthy, however, does not mean that you have to get rid of these delicious donuts and other junk food forever. There just are some limitations to eating these types of food. I am trying to adjust to that but even if I did binge on some donuts, that's okay. I mean, if you want to eat some thing that's not as per your diet, that's your choice. Never be so strict on yourself. That is just one thing that people need to accept. Do NOT be hard on yourself.

If you do, however, feel guilty about eating junk food, then take some time out to exercise. Exercise leaves you feeling refreshed and accomplished. At least, for me, it does. Now, some people may not have the time to go to the gym often and that's completely understandable. So, here are some videos on youtube that I have tried that really gives you result. Plus, you do not need any equipment for these!

I basically swear by these youtube videos. Just a reminder though that you may need to consult a physician because I certainly am no expert. But please remember that leading a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to restrict yourself. Learn to let go. And have fun with these workouts!

See Ya Later! : )

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