Valentine Love

2:30 AM


       It's been a while, and now it's already Valentine's day. It's a day filled with love and affection towards your loved ones.  But people seem to forget that loved ones would also include yourself. I once saw a quote on Tumblr "Love yourself first, and then others". Well, something like that. You get the gist. Loving yourself is not selfish. It should be deemed natural, instead of obnoxious or vain. Of course, everything has a limit. Love yourself so that you can be proud of yourself, not be ashamed to talk about yourself too. Because you matter ( I know, cheesy but true). Anyway, the point of all this rambling is because it's Valentine's day so hey, together with buying your other half some gifts, why not gift yourself too? I mean, as I said Valentine's day celebrates love, and love includes you too so yeah, go get clicking on the website and get that thing you've been eyeing for ages!

Here are some things that I have had my eye on for quite some time!

                                                             Forever 21 Backpack

I'll be going on vacation very soon and I have been looking for a backpack that will help me through airport struggles and will support me through shopping trips, so I figure this is good enough.

                                                                    Photo Frame

I mean, how gorgeous is this??

                                                                    Pretty Honest

I've heard much reviews about this and I can get this to read on the plane so I'll be getting this near the time I'm leaving so that I won't get impatient and read it the moment I get it.

                                                          Zara Embroidered Tunic

Gorgeous. If I have to wear one dress for the rest of my life, it would pretty much be this.

Well, hope this has given you some inspiration! So, come on! Go get yourself some loving!

See Ya later! : )

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