"Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion" - Dalai Lama

8:52 PM

Hi guys!

        I know it's been realllly long. I just came back from vacation in Nepal. Yes, I was indeed there when the earthquake struck. For those who do not know, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck Nepal on April 25th. It was devastating. This unfortunate tragedy took more than 8000 innocent lives and injured more than 14000 people. The capital, Kathmandu, and many other villages suffered extreme losses. I was in Pokhara at that time. Although the earthquake was just as huge in Pokhara, there weren't as many casualties as in other districts.

It was a scary experience that no one would ever want to go through. The earthquake lasted for at least 3 whole minutes! 3 minutes! An earthquake that long can and will cause extreme damage. Several aftershocks also came after the huge one. From what I heard from friends and relatives in Kathmandu, apparently there were more than a 100 aftershocks there. This was truly one of Nepal's worst natural disaster. Many historical monuments and houses were destroyed.  Dharara , one of Nepal's pride and of great historical importance, was completely destroyed.

I stayed in Pokhara for at least 5 more days before going back to Kathmandu because I had a flight scheduled back to US. I was truly speechless when I came back to Kathmandu. The terrible effects of the earthquake was visible everywhere. Collapsed buildings, shattered glass and what not.

I actually know of some friends who lost their close friends and some of their family members in this disaster. I mourn for those people who lost their lives in this tragedy and I mourn too for those who lost their loved ones. I pray that they get strength from this terrible ordeal and should they need any help, they should get it.

This is also an opportunity for people all around the world to help and to show some passion and sympathy for the victims. Please, if you can, donate to organizations dedicated to provide aid to Nepal. There are some villages in Nepal that still haven't received any aid; food, water and medical supplies and it would be much appreciated if you could donate some money or food or anything that you think would help those people. It is a crisis that everyone can help in and all of us would be extremely grateful for your help.

I will post some organizations that help in providing aid to Nepal in my next post. Let's all contribute and show Mother Nature how strong and united we can be. And to those who have already donated, thank you!

See Ya Later,

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