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Hi all!

         I'm back after what seems like an eternity. I know, I know. I'm the worse blogger ever on the face of Earth. I just haven't gotten used to blogging, I suppose (although I am very much active on Instagram and on Tumblr). I'm taking classes in the Summer so that's what I've been up to lately. Nothing fascinating. But I did make some purchases from the drugstore that weren't really necessary but I mean, really when was shopping only about buying things you need? I say, treat yo'self. I'm sorry, I've been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation so please allow me to repeat some of their dialogues (P.S If you haven't yet watched Parks and Recreation, please go onto Netflix and watch it. Best decision you'll make). Anyways, back to the topic. These are some of the products that I loved and would basically choose to bring with me if someone ever asked me what I would bring if I ever was stranded on an island (Classic question). 

Boo yeah!

This mask by Freeman is so good. It smells amazing and does wonders too. After the first wash, your skin feels so smooth and fresh. I would basically use this during my finals because this would be the only other thing to cheer me up during such stress, besides bubble tea of course. Plus, it's really affordable! I bought this for like $4 from Walmart so go check out your local Walmart!

Left to right: Antwerp, Ibiza, Milan
I don't know if they are technically drugstore products as well but they are priced really affordably that no one seems to mind. I'm sure everyone has heard of NYX. I love this brand. Affordable but oh so magnificent. I live for their lip products. Anyone who knows me knows that I will never go a day without some kind of lip product (except lip gloss. I will never put on lip gloss *flashbacks of the young teenage me putting on weird colors of gloss* cringe). As I said, this is something I would bring to an island if I was stranded. It's a matte color and literally so nice to put on. What I love the most about matte lippies is that when you have them on, you don't really have to worry about the color of your lipstick wearing off when you're eating. That is my constant worry that my lips will look weird when I eat because I always have lipstick on. It's priced at $5.99 and the colors I bought were Milan, Antwerp and Ibiza. Abu Dhabi, I'm coming after you next!

I don't really put on eyeliner as much as I would like to. My eyes get really sensitive when I apply a particular product onto them so I try not to have any eye makeup on most of the time. Especially when you're in college and you never have the time to apply proper makeup, it can get really hard. But this NYX eyeliner is really good for my eyes. They don't make my eyes water like other products do and it doesn't really smudge too. The only thing is that I don't think this eyeliner is sufficient to last a long time. Mine is already starting to come out a lighter shade of black rather than the intense black it used to be. And I just bought it like 3 weeks ago. As I said, I don't wear eyeliner as much too so that says a lot about how much it would last. I'm not complaining though as it is quite affordable compared to Benefit's or other higher end eyeliners. 

So this is it for now guys! Check out your local drugstores to get really affordable and nice products! I will post some lip swatches on my next post soon. Until then, stay hydrated and stay chic!

See ya later!

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