Fav Finds: August

3:14 PM

Hi guys!

         Sorry for being missing for so long! I actually just moved from Oregon to Seattle so I have been really busy packing up and whatnot. But I'm settled now and I can post more. Well, as we say goodbye to August, we obviously need to go into our favorite items of August. These are just something I picked up recently and also happen to my obsession. Let's delve into it!

This really really tiny potted cactus I found in Daiso Japan. That was the first time I ever stepped into Daiso and I almost curled up by myself on the floor upon looking at the extremely cute stuff they had. 
Me likey!

I love Pocky. I've had them since I was young but I had never tasted the cookies and cream flavor and I chastise myself everyday for missing out on this. They are so good! As you can see, it's already been opened as I could not wait any longer to try it. But this Cookies and cream flavor of Pocky will change your life.

And now my absolute favorite of August; this mesmerizing, absolutely magnificent Red Velvet cupcake that I got from a local cupcake place in Seattle. Just one word: Mmmmmm

See ya,

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