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12:22 AM

All right, so this is just an update post. I will be having my finals this coming week so I may not be posting much stuff. I'm terribly sorry, I know I said I will try posting more but I just haven't been very productive. That will change hopefully after my finals. I said I will do a nyx lipstick swatch soon and I will. I'm just trying to add as many matte lip cream to my Nyx collection as possible. So, worry not! A Nyx lipstick swatch is on its way!
Also, my laptop died on me so I have practically lost my 2 years of friendship with my laptop. Pictured above is the mentioned laptop and I cry everytime I look at that picture. Those were happy times indeed. Hopefully, I'll be able to revive my laptop and get things running again. But to compensate for the loss of my trusted companion, I got a tablet! So far so good. 
Finally, a post would not be complete if I did not mention Parks and Recreation so yup, I just mentioned it. I just finished watching the series. Oh I love that show. I'm not even kidding, that show helped me through stressful times. 
So for now, this is it! Take care of yourselves, people! Stay chic!

                                                                                    See ya later!

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