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12:55 PM

Hi guys!

            I'm back to talk about my favorite item of all-time: jewelry! No surprise if you know me personally. Like lip products, I have to have at least one item of jewelry on me when I'm heading out. Otherwise, life just seems bleak and empty. Okay, a tiny bit of exaggeration there, just a tiny bit. Mostly, it's just earrings that I have on when I am not in the mood for accessorizing. Trust me, a small pair of earrings can make a difference in your outfit. Sometimes I even keep an extra pair of earrings in my bag just so I am prepared in case I break or lose the earrings I am wearing at the moment (when it comes to me, breakage and losing stuff happens quite a lot, unfortunately. So it's always better to be prepared). 

             So I have here some jewelry that I love and would swim oceans for. Sorry, just wanted to romanticize the bond I have with my jewelry. Okay, so let's get to it!

Right, these are a few bracelets I have that I simply adore. I used to be a crazy bracelet lady. I had bracelets on everyday even if they did not really go with what I was wearing. But I have taken it down a notch and there are just the ones I wear nowadays. 
The Hoops: The simple hoops are for my lazy days when I have no makeup on and I'm wearing a basic outfit. The hoops really make my outfit more put together and I love that. The hoops with the cut out designs on it are for when I'm feeling fancier but I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard. 

The Danglers: I don't wear these often but I still love them like they're my family. The smaller ones are recent purchases from Rue21, the triangular ones are from Charlotte Russe and the white ones (which are one of my most favorite ones) are gifted by my mom.

The Intricate Ones: This is my all-time love. Sorry to be prejudiced among my earrings but I love these. I would consider, mind you, CONSIDER, giving up bubble tea for these. That's how important these earrings are to me. My aunt gave this as a gift to me when I was in Nepal. Nepal has a lot of earrings like this and I miss Nepal partly because of that.

    The Small VIP: These tiny earrings are my everyday earrings when I'm heading out for a short while or when I do not want to seem too dressed up. These were a gift from my sister when I was in Nepal. You have no idea how much I love these earrings. I know, I know, I say that about all my earrings but as I said, these are family ( not to be weird or anything).

Gold Love: Now, I don't really like gold jewelry but I had to make an exception for this. I immediately zoned in on this when I was in the jewelry section of Forever21. I think I have seen something similar to this in Zara. But this was a cheaper option and it is so pretty.

Okay, so you guys can see how much I love my jewelry. I bring them with me everywhere. They are my essentials. If you look into my bag, you'll probably see at least one item of jewelry in it. I know, I didn't put in rings but it is because I do not wear rings anymore. I'm trying to get into wearing rings again but I just can't get myself to wearing them. Well, maybe I'll just hold on to my earrings. (heh, get it? okay)

See Ya,

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